Thursday, October 6, 2011

Resting in the Gospel

I can't say it better than Tim Keller, so I will just quote directly from his book, "King's Cross": "Most of us work and work trying to prove ourselves, to convince God, others and ourselves that we're good people. That work is never over unless we rest in the gospel...on the cross Jesus was saying of the work underneath your work - the thing that makes you truly weary, this need to prove yourself because who you are and what you do are never good enough - that it is finished. He has lived the life you should have lived, he has died the death you should have died. If you rely on Jesus's finished work, you know that God is satisfied with you. You can be satisfied with life. Physicians will tell you that it is not merely fitful naps that you need, but deep sleep. You can take all the vacations in the world, but if you don't have the deep rest of the soul, resting in what Jesus did on the cross, you will not truly rest. On the cross Jesus experienced the restlessness of separation from God so that we can have the deep rest of knowing that he loves us and our sins have been forgiven." Lord, help me not to seek the temporary, unfulfilling rest of the world and all that it offers and entices, but may I seek the deeply soul-satisfying rest that Jesus offers, the good news of the gospel, the fact that we could never be good enough, so Jesus took care of it for us on the cross. Let me live in this beautiful truth daily!

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