Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hang out Time in the Crib

This is a more of a question than a blog post for today, but for all you moms out there, what is the maximum amount of time you will let your little onejust hang out in his crib? Marshall decided to skip his afternoon nap (AND morning one, I might add), so I've decided that playtime in the crib is on the agenda for today. But how long should I keep him in there?

It's been 30 minutes, but I'm thinking atleast an hour would be good (for my own sanity!!!). It's been one of those days and I just need a little bit of alone time to blog, clean the house, etc. He's been quite content, just throwing his animals around, but I can hear him starting to go from babble to fussy. Oh goodness. We'll see how long I can hold out.

You never know what one day will bring!

But I am learning...each day is only a DAY. And "God's mercies are new each morning." So we'll chalk this one up to a fussy day and start over tomorrow!

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